Even though the afternoon are getting darker and darker as the days shorten. I try to make the most of my weekends off, I am so lucky to live near several beautiful beaches, towns and nature parks .So on Saturday i thought it would be nice to take a trip with Adam’s family to the beach/seaside.

When someone says “beach” the first things that comes to mind are often summer, sunshine, swimming and ice cream. I love all of those things, but my favorite time to visit a beach is often in the winter. There is something about going to the Seaside/Beach on dark and gloomy winter’s day, I love how calm it makes me feel.

We picked to go to Lyme Regis. Lyme is a lovely seaside town in Dorset set on the Jurassic Coast with lots of quaint little streets and some cute shops.

We arrived at Lyme Regis just after 2:30 which gave us 1 1/2 hours to explore before the sun went down. We walked along the beach and around The Cobb before deciding it was too cold and that we should head back to the car for warmth.

Here’s some photos 

Sunday was one of those wonderful winter days you know, the ones we don’t get often! After all the wet, grey days, this one dawned to bright sunshine and a hard frost. Perfect for another walk

Quick phone call and I was off to stourhead. Stourhead is one of my favourite places to go, every season bring some beautiful to the place.

Here’s some photos … 

So this was my weekend and I can’t wait to do some more winter walks. What are some of your favourite winter places to get outside?

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Enjoy, comment, yadayada!


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  1. Stourhead looks beautiful! I like the beach at winter too, it’s so quiet and the sea is so powerful.

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  2. Two of my favorite places! Great photos!

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