Last Sunday Me and Adam decided to go to Dyrham Park for a walk and to take some photos.

I’m gonna make the assumption that none of you will have heard of Dyrham park. The park is between Bath and Bristol with acres of beautiful grounds/woodlands, containing cows and wild deer and is also owned/managed by National Trust.
When we arrived at Dyrham Park it started to Rain ( Typical British weather). So we decided to take shelter and to eat our lunch in the car.

The car park it is a 15-minute walk down through parkland to the house. While it is on a significant slope a bus can take you up and down if you don’t fancy the walk. 

The gardens was small compared to some stately homes but netherless pretty. 

We managed to get very close to some wild deer on the countryside walk and they didn’t seem bothered by us or other people. 

Although it was wet and windy and we had to take shelters several times under trees.

It was a GOOD DAY out. 

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Enjoy, comment, yadayada!


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  1. Love the pictures. I’ve only ever visited London in England but whenever I see pictures of all the lovely gardens all over the country I want to go again!

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    1. Awh thank you, yeah there is some nice places in the uk 🙂


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