Hey everyone,

Bank Holiday weekends are those glorious occurrences that give you a mini holiday from work and routine life. So me and my boyfriend decided to go to one of my favourite places, Stourhead. 
I’m gonna make the assumption that none of you will have heard of Stourhead. It’s a National Trust place which is in Stourton, Wiltshire. It has a huge house with a massive garden that is open to the public. 

The weather was amazing that day. Well for British weather anyways. The trees were just starting to think about autumn, and still looked lush with so many different shades of green.

Here’s a selection of photos:

It’s so worth a visit!

I love this place, seriously!

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Enjoy, comment, yadayada!


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  1. Grace says:

    I’m really excited to have come across a Wiltshire blog! It’s home for me 🙂 can’t wait to read through more of your posts. Grace x
    Also cracking duck photo! What a poser!

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments, I love Wiltshire there is truly some beautiful places, unfortunately my home is Dorset but I am lucky in the fact Somerset and Wiltshire are only 30 mins drive always.

      I love you blog too, some pictures you’ve taken are really good and especially the Durdle door ones.


      1. Grace says:

        Ahh, sounds like a great location to live! Thanks 🙂 the quality is rubbish though, I do have a DLR but it’s too big to take anywhere and I’m scared of scratching it! What do you use for your photos?

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      2. Yeah I can agree my DSLR is too big to take most places.

        It varies from DSLR, to a canon point and shot which I use mostly for Vlogging but mostly I just use my iPhone as I always have it on me 🙂

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  2. Away ** not always soz


  3. LOVE Stourhead!! Went many times over the last year. I just recently read an article by someone that rented one of the Nat Trust cottages there. When Stourhead closes in the evening, you have the grounds to yourself….picnics by the lake by moonlight….pure bliss!

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    1. OMG really! That’s amazing would love to rent cottage there … I bet it’s expensive


      1. probably costs but also probably worth it. ….in reading your posts, looks like we’ve been living our life in tandem over the last year 🙂

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      2. Yeah! You’ve been to so many places 🙂 …


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