Hey everyone 

I’ve never been to France before, and Paris was the one place I had always wanted to visit.

I got to see some of the main attractions of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower (which when seen in real life is slightly more disappointing than you might think, but still beautiful from afar none the less), the Notre Dame, the “lovers bridge” across the river Seine, Sacré-Cœur, the Louvre Museum and Disneyland which was amazing.
10461359_10155370357700462_308676523057565580_n       11157393_10155370408700462_8715523130669715701_o   

11083737_10155370270010462_7491713541489152906_o        11155035_10155370268740462_6746182999139831712_o




I had an amazing couple of days & highly recommend that if you’ve not yet hopped across to Paris, please do. 

Enjoy, comment, yadayada!




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